Turbo Tax and Do-It-Yourself VS. Professional Tax Preparer

professional tax preparerTax time brings a multitude of financial decisions, including whether to hire a tax professional or prepare your own taxes using software like TurboTax. While the low cost and advertised ease of do-it-yourself tax products may be tempting, they aren’t always what they claim to be. In fact, many tax filers find them frustrating and time consuming with very little actual cost savings. These drawbacks and increased stress often makes hiring a professional tax preparer a smart move.

The Dangers of Do It Yourself Taxes

When people consider using do-it-yourself tax filing software, they typically focus on the positives, like the low cost and ability to use them from their couch. However, these programs have quite a few negatives as well, which could wind up causing an audit, late penalties and even interest charges. Here are a few problem areas:

  • They’re time consuming and stressful- Tax software promises to walk you through all the steps, but what happens when you don’t understand the steps? Online help systems and FAQs are often insufficient to help you understand what to enter. For example, health insurance premiums can be deducted in some instances but not all.
  • You can enter any numbers into the return – The ability to enter any number into the software may seem like a good idea, but it can be dangerous. A higher charitable contribution amount or inflated IRA may get you a bigger return, but it can also get you into serious trouble down the line.
  • You don’t know if you did it correctly – There are few tax topics that apply to everyone. Most only apply to some people in some cases. Many software programs don’t ask enough questions to find out if you are truly qualified for a deduction, for example mileage deduction for a vehicle.
  • There’s no continuity- Even if you use the same tax program every year, it can make errors. Most programs say that they import information from the previous year, but would you know if they didn’t? Most people don’t and end up losing deductions or credits that they qualify for.

Big Box Drawbacks

Some people know that they don’t have the skills or patience to do their own taxes. However, to save on costs they go to a big box tax service like H &R Block or Liberty Tax Service. While the price may be right for these services, there are some things you should know. Primarily, they use untrained staff to prepare taxes. Most of their preparers have only taken a four to six-week course in taxes. They aren’t even required to have previous experience in accounting and rely on software programs to do most of the work. That means they aren’t any more knowledgeable than you are. In addition, many of these stores close on April 17th, which means they aren’t around if you are audited by the IRS.

Benefits of Professional Tax Preparers

Professional tax preparers have years of knowledge, advanced degrees and certifications, such as Master’s Degrees and CPA and EA licenses. Their experience and education is what will ensure that their clients get all of the deductions and credits that they deserve.

Here are a few more advantages that these tax professionals can put to work for you:

  • They can often represent you if you are audited and help you handle collection matters.
  • They provide tax planning to help you make tax saving decisions early.
  • They spot opportunities to help you make smart tax decisions like converting ordinary income into capital gains.
  • Their office is open year-round to answer your questions

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