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Dukhon Tax has been serving Greater Boston since 2011 and delivering expertise to our business and individual clients. Our focus on customer service and the client experience makes us unique in our industry. We are Certified Public Accountants for the modern world – more than just number-crunchers, we are advisers and year-round consultants. Our boutique firm astutely understands the needs of modern professionals, students, families, entrepreneurs, and leaders in today’s business world that is both going global and getting smaller. More than ever, insight and relevant answers are essential for the financial success of our clients.

Results Driven

Our results-driven approach means that we do not simply check the boxes and roll forward information. We staff our office with motivated critical thinkers who want to look deeper. If you are paying us to make judgment calls – don’t you want us to use our judgment? Change is where the opportunity lies; make sure you are ready for the next one. If your accountant has you caught in the “Same as Last Year” cycle, how are they monitoring change? Choose an adviser that monitors legislative changes, the business environment and develops their insight through exposure and experience; year after year, it seems that not many things stay the same. At Dukhon Tax, we are your resource for advice and planning for the forces that shape your financial life.

Our roots are simple and our promise has never changed –

“Engagement, for results.”

Our Global Local Vision

DukhonTax is a Boston-based firm – our office at 380 Washington St is located in the historic Brighton center. We love our city, and we love serving the world from here. Our clients are located as far away as Europe, Asia, and South America – yet we also do business with local Main Street shops and area entrepreneurs. Boston and the surrounding areas are a growing hub for educational and healthcare institutions and thriving technology and financial industries. Our city is at the forefront of construction, technology, healthcare, and academics. We serve individuals and companies in these industries. Let us show you how our dedication to service can make a big difference in your finances.

Our Team & Network

Our advisers are Certified Public Accountants that hold advanced degrees in accountancy, taxation, business management, and other disciplines. Our team includes tax attorneys and other legal professionals. Our local network of affiliates includes financial planners, insurance advisers, and other key personnel that can assist you with your business and personal needs. Business environment solutions cannot stand alone – let us be your first point of contact for a variety of solutions.

“We are globally recognized as leaders in this industry, and we have garnered hundreds of awards for our work. Today, brands are more than what they say. We believe in creating meaningful experiences for clients."

Why Dukhon Tax?

You make decisions every day – in today’s world, information is so readily available, shouldn’t these decisions should be easier to make? Your business is your livelihood. Taxes are one of your biggest annual expenses. Is your CPA aiding in your success? More than just getting the job done, we seek tangible results for our clients. We want to protect your most important resources: Time and Money. Let us show you how.

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