It’s tax season again and one of our firm’s favorite things during this time of year is to give a little something special to Boston’s students. For the Month of February, we are running a Student Special for tax preparation! If you are a student and have a qualified basic tax return, Dukhon Tax is offering a student special price of $100 for tax preparation and filing during the month of February.

What is a Basic Return?

A basic return includes Form 1040 and MA flings, with up to 4 Forms W-2, education credits, student loan interest and no other deductions or schedules. A valid student ID or, other proof of being a currently enrolled student, is required to qualify for this special.

Why use Dukhon Tax?

We were once students too and we know how busy you can be. As such we’d like to show how much we appreciate the great minds of our local college community by offering a special price on tax preparation and online tax filing. Instead of using online tax software or waiting in line at the big-box tax store, come see us in February and take advantage of this special.

How does it work?

  1. Contact us and let us know you are looking for the $100 Student Special
  2. Fill out a quick questionnaire about your taxes
  3. Upload your tax documents to our secure Client Portal
  4. Let the magic happen and have us prepare your returns while you cram for that exam or go to a career fair.
  5. Once the returns are prepared and ready, you will receive a copy to electronically sign
  6. We will file your returns and you will receive your refund.

School can be hard, but taxes can be easy. Choose Dukhon Tax for your 2015 tax preparation and come see us in February for our student special. We look forward to serving our local students!